VIDEO: Europeans championships RS:X – video spot ENG


From June 20 to 27 Mondello will host the largest windsurfing event that will organize together with the Roggero di Lauria and Albaria . Two sailing clubs citizens who have decided to join forces optimize resources and aim to give a positive image of Palermo and Sicily . For years the two associations citizens express the best of the sailboard national and witness the presence at the Olympics of the various Wirz , Jordan and Sensini and the results in the world of the very young and the Lauria dell'Albaria .

The event is mainly based on the open European championship for men and women with dense presence of athletes from other continents . But Mondello you will also discover the surfing of the future because it will compete well for the continental title reserved for youth under 19 that will mount on the table Rs : x a sail slightly smaller .


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